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Edward Sulek

[PEN.] Ed Sulek. [ED.] Widener University, BS; Peirce Business College; St. James HS, Chester, Pennsylvania. [MEMB.] Purple Heart Society, Society of the First Division. [HON.] NOMA recipient, Purple Heart. [OTHER WRIT.] Words of a Father, parts 1 and 3 (of Vietnam, parenting, intimate personal romance, philosophy, near-death experience in Vietnam, life’s adventures, 9-11-2001, on the farm, dating, Ocean City --- New Jersey, poetry, overcoming divorce), The National Library of Poetry Priceless Treasures, [PERS.] “IF I AM ABLE TO BETTER OUR WORLD WITH WORDS OF MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, THEN SHARING MY WORKS SHALL BE THE ULTIMATE DESTINY OF THIS FATHER.” [A.] Linwood, Pennsylvania.