About the Book

Words of a Father

Actions speak louder than words.” This is not necessarily true as author Edward Sulek believes that “words speak louder than actions.” Words are etched into the archives of time. Actions happen and are done. Words written are forever seen. Thus, he invites you to enter his world and heed the Words of a Father.

After an awesome out-of-body experience, occurring during the Vietnam War following a bullet wound through the chest, the author felt compelled to write inspiration and thought-provoking stories interwoven with moral fiber. Words of a Father is a personal expression of Sulek’s raw and honest thoughts, which are in no way revised. They remain unchanged and offer you the reality of this father’s impressions of life’s excitement. After his incredible experience in Vietnam, he now knows what is truly important in our world.

The heroes within the one-paged presentations of philosophy, love and intimate romance, war, poetry, shorties, and the lessons Sulek learned through his experiences are something anyone can relate with. Striving for and finding happiness is a recurring theme throughout the book with a dash of exciting action, which will draw you in like a Will Rogers or Mark Twain adventure.

Profound and memorable, Words of a Father will remind you why you must treasure life and the people around you.